Sholay Title Music on Piano – Instrumental Theme Song

This is fairly a very old composition but still so fresh, this is the kind of music I love, stays ever green whatever day and age you live in, all credit goes to R. D. Burman.

The Instrument change is done later in the DAW and also looped in post production.

Credit :

Music : R. D. Burman
Movie : Sholay [1975]

Natarang Movie Music – Ajay Atul Marathi Theme Song [Piano Cover Instrumental]

This music is one of the first music that I learned on my keyboard, but really hats off to Ajay Atul for such a melodious masterpiece.

The Instrument changes are done later in post, recorded only the midi file.

Credit :

Movie: Natarang

Release date: 1 January 2010 (India)

Music: Ajay Atul

Language: Marathi

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