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Cricket Last Over – Request to Sports TV Channels [Star Sports, SONY TEN, SIX, ESPN HD, 1, 2, 3]

Hi friends, this is Saneet More, I am a Music Composer and in this video, I am going to talk about cricket,

This video is a kind of a request to the sports channels in India.
We as a fan love to watch the cricket matches and you guys provide us that live broadcasting.
So thank you very much for that and see whenever we have a very interesting experience or a very trilling match or may be the match has gone to the last ball.

Yes we enjoy that match but we also want to see the recordings of those match
or the uncut, unedited videos of the last over, We want actually that, not just the highlights,
so it would be very great, if you put those videos on YouTube or on your own website.

We tend to search those final critical moments on YouTube and YouTube as you know that,
you don’t find those kind of videos on YouTube,
and the reason is these sports channels claim copyright strikes on those YouTube channels

So for example if I record my television (TV) and then put that video on YouTube
these sports channels are going to take that video down
And that is what is going to happen and I am not defending that and I am not against that
the television sports channels own the legal rights, so on their end they are doing the right thing.

But what my request in this video is this that
if you are not allowing other people to upload these kind of videos of the last overs
then why don’t you upload those videos on your own website
and we would be happy, we don’t care who is providing the content
we are just happy to take it from anywhere
but as a fan we are missing out on a lot of things

It’s just a request, can you do that ? may be that would take some time but
and if you can provide that on YouTube then it is well and good
that’s awesome
so as a cricket fan, I just love watching those last crucial overs
and it’s just awesome

so ya, that’s it for this video, bye…!

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