Shure A58WS-BLK Unboxing Review : Microphone Foam Cover Windscreen | Ball Type Mic Windshield Muffler

What is Shure A58WS-BLK ? Do you really need a microphone foam cover or a windscreen, if yes, what does it do ? Some people even call it as windshield or mic muffler, whatever you may call it but why do you need one.

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The Shure A58WS-BLK is a microphone cover made out of form material, called with multiple names, microphone windscreen, microphone windshield or microphone muffler.

It’s a cover that reduces the extra unnecessary vocal sounds made during recording, like plosives,

now what the hell is a plosives ?

It’s a sounds that gets produced when your breath hits the diaphragm of the microphone, the sound is very annoying to be very honest, which contains heavy bass distorted popping,

if you have recording with a lot of plosives in the professional world, chances are that, it is going to be rejected and the disturbing thing about this is that you don’t have any other option other then retaking the whole thing again.

There many types of windscreens available in the market like the one with nylon cloth, another with a metal shield but in this article we are going to learn about the ball type windscreen which is the Shure A58WS-BLK,So as described on many shure website, they say that this compatible with the microphones given below,
SM58, Beta58A, SM48, and the 565SD microphones etc.

But I have seen this working with many more microphones of the same size as the sm58,

so if you don’t find a windscreen of your microphone in the market and is of the same size as sm58, just go for it and purchase this thing now, it’s a 100% value for money, Now there are a lot of other cheap windscreen as well in the market out there, but they don’t last long and if they do then one thing that you need to consider is that, some of them are thin and some thick, so you don’t want to cut the recording frequencies in order to reduce down the plosives, Shure A58WS-BLK is a perfect balance of that, and the quality of the foam is also very durable.

This product comes in a variety of colors, red, green, yellow and black which is the industry standard,

It you are recording in a windy condition and you end up having no windscreen, then good luck with your recording because it’s very tough to remove the pop sounds later in the post, may be you would be able to reduce it down but never ever, you can completely remove it from your recordings, so it is a good idea to have one in your bag pack.

If you were looking to buy one for your microphone, I would highly recommend you to get it now,

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