OfficeSuite Review – Documents, Sheets, Slides, PDF | Office Software By Mobisystems [SANEETS]

OfficeSuite is a versatile software, If you are looking for a software that can make word documents, spreadsheets or presentation slides then you should definitely consider this office apps kit, you may also think it as an alternative to MS Office but let me tell you something that this is also equally powerful package.

The extra feature that you get with it is the PDF reader and converter which you don’t get with the Microsoft office 365, plus this is a very light weight piece of software which will not eat up a lot of space on your computer and at the same time run pretty smooth.

The name of the package is actually OfficeSuite and it’s made by Mobisystems, they are located in San Diego, USA and Sofia Bulgaria.

I tested the OfficeSuite on a 4K screen and the results were very nice, the high resolution user interface looks very professional. You should definitely consider it, if you really want a clean looking workflow.

The MS Office files are compatible with it, so don’t worry about that, if you wish to shift from that to this one and one more thing, shifting from MS Office to OfficeSuite shouldn’t ne any difficult thing for you as the features and the user interface is very similar.

The pricing of it is very impressive looking at the quality you are getting and if you compare it to MS Office, this is nearly 50% to 60% lower in price.

The names of the software’s are slightly different,
Word – Documents, Excel – Sheets, PowerPoint – Slides.

You can easily access the files from any location or any device all thanks to the cloud services that they provide with it, for more technical details you can also check there official website, and by the way, this is an honest review as I have shown the demo sample files in the video linked with this article.

The whole globe is slowly adapting the ‘work from home’ model and if you don’t have the office apps installed in your PC, then I have got you covered, just click the red button below and get the software package right now.

Video also available in मराठी [Marathi].

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