I Believe In You – SANEETS [Original Music Video] Love Song

I Believe In You – SANEETS [Original Music Video] Love Song
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Hi Friends, this is Saneet More the founder of saneets.com

and in this video I performed a beautiful love song, a musical composition of mine. The name of the song is “I Believe in you”, a song that I wrote not by any personal experience, but by some observation and fictional ideas into it. Some people may find the lyrics funny,

Because, this song is nothing but few feelings of

a young school going boy who is having a crush on a girl.

i believe in you They both are already friends with each other and the girl also likes him, but the interesting thing in this story is the girl not so sure about this relationship. This song is about what the boy thinks in this process…talking with his own self,

Let me clarify you one thing that this is not a cover,

it’s an original song with this being the original music video.

As you can tell by the looks of it that it is quite clean and simple with no actors.

The reason to that is I have no knowledge about film making which is good for you as it allows you to visualize the song according to your own imagination.

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I Believe In You – (3 Qualities available : – Normal, High, CD)
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