HP Laser Jet Printer Review – Black And White | Pro M126nw


HP Laser Jet Printer Pro M126nw Multi-Function Direct Wireless Network Laser Printer. So as the name says, this is a laser printer.

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The black color really makes it look a no BS device. But fully professional and as it looks it performs beyond that. So if you are interested in buying a laser printer you have come to the right place.
The weight of this HP Laser Jet printer is 10 kg. The maximum printing speed for monochrome that is the black and white documents is 20 ppm. And by the way, the output type of this printer is fully monochrome.

The computers are compatible with this printer but because it has got WIFI,

the smartphones and the tablets also can be used with it, once the setup is done, pretty easy to use. In order to use it with your smartphone or tablet, you will have to install the HP smart app. The quality of the prints that you get is really good plus it is very compact in size. Won’t take-up a lot of space in your home or office.

The scanner is another massive beast attached to HP Laser Jet Printer,

Really the quality of the scanned documents or photos is really beautiful, very true to the original. The maximum resolution of the scanner is 1200 dpi which in my case is fantastic. I have used an old scanner with just 600 dpi and I was happy with that. So imagine the details that the 1200 dpi will give you.

This is not a demo article but a complete feature review article. So I am not going to explain all the setup process. After you have installed the HP setup in your computer. The quality of the scanned material is very detailed, the 1200 dpi really makes this scanner a very good choice. Printing over the WIFI is also very fast and an easy process. Just connect your smart devices over same network and print docs using the smart HP app.

The buttons have glowing lights as you can see in the video

and comes with a rubbery smooth feel. Replacing the cartridge or locating it is a hassle free process. Just opening the top covers and taking out the cartridge out. The display can be tilted in three levels, you can position it as per your needs. You can also use a glossy photo paper to print your files instead of the plain paper. The maximum paper size for printing/scanning is A4 size which is going to be perfectly fine thing for most tasks.

This is a printer that does not print on both the sides of paper. So if you want to print on the other side of the paper. You will have to do that manually, printing one side at one time. The power cable is exactly same as we get with a computer SMPS. So even if you lose it, finding a new one won’t be a big deal. It also comes with a USB cable which will help you to connect to your computer. So the connections are fairly simple.

HP Laser Jet Printer Review - Black And White | Pro M126nw

This HP Laser Jet printer is also very fast in copying the documents,

to this process many people in India, call it Xerox copy. But yes it is very fast and accurate at that as well. Copying documents with this printer is super easy. Just put the original copy in the scanner and click the bold green button. And within few seconds, a new copy will be generated. If you are copying the texted documents then the results would be far better. This printer doesn’t handle the photos very well, so keep that in your mind before buying this printer. If your priority is not speed but quality then for that I have also linked a color printer by Epson. That one is slow in speed as it is an Ink Tank printer. But will give you fine detailing, plus it is a color printer. So you can also print beautiful pictures for your albums. Please check that printer as well.

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So overall a beautifully awesome product. I am very happy with it and now in this ‘work from home’ culture. A lot of people are looking for one. So, if you are interested in buying this item, I would highly recommend you to go for it.

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