Best UPS For Computer – APC 1100VA Review | Backup Time UPS + Glance Of APC 600VA


This is a video article about the APC 1100VA UPS. I bought this UPS for computer, 2 years back. And it works great, still the same as it was when it was newly purchased. And by the way, I have also got the APC 600.


So basically the story is, I first got the APC 600 for my computer.

Later I nearly upgraded all the components of my computer. Surprisingly the setup worked quite well with the APC 600. But when I installed the graphic card the RX 580, the computer was working with all the basic stuff but as soon as I switched to high task activities like gaming or video editing. It use to shut down directly which scared me off. Did a bit of research, found out, that I needed more power to my computer. And that’s when I got the APC 1100.

600 VA – 360 W
1100 VA – 660 W
My Total Consumption – 475 Watts

The computer monitor will consume energy as follows, this can change depending upon what company device you are using,

22-inch monitor: approx. 20 – 40 watts
24-inch monitor: approx. 20 – 55 watts
27-inch monitor: approx. 50 – 90 watts
30-inch monitor: approx. 90 – 140 watts

If you looked at the features, both the UPS’s are pretty similar accept the size and power. Even the looks of it is identical. I really like the looks of it, compared to the dabba UPS for computer, I have used in the past. The wire is strong and thick. The length of it is 1.5 meters.

Who is this APC 1100 UPS for.

The people who have got a computer built for slightly more then the basic usage. People like the intermediate video editors, HD gamers, streamers, youtubers etc. You can also use it for a basic configured computer, if you are going to use more power consuming accessories to attach to it. Usually people just connect the SMPS power cable, monitor and the internet modem. But you also can connect the speakers if that is your requirement.

Please use it as a ‘backing your data’ device and not as a ‘extra time’ device UPS for computer.

For that you have got other devices such as invertors and the generators. The APC 1100 has got sufficient ventilation windows and also got a fan inside to cool it down. At least, I could say that based on the sound it generates when switched off. I have not used it more then 25 minutes at a stretch. But generally it gives me between 15 – 25 minutes depending on the how heavy or light the processing task is.

Best UPS For Computer - APC 1100VA Review | Backup Time UPS + Glance Of APC 600VA

My computer consumes 450W. But that is a pretty clear condition that I can not use the APC 600 UPS for computer. I am using the APC 600 UPS with my TV setup. It includes an old Sony bravia 40 inches TV, Sony 5.1 surround sound and a Tatasky. And the cool thing is, I don’t miss any last over cricket action anymore, all thanks to the APC UPS. The equipment or the components remain safe as both the UPS has got surge protection. This UPS comes with 5 sockets. 4 have got battery and surge protection while one has got only surge protection. It has a got a feature which basically works like a MCB switches, it trips when overloaded. And that can be easily reset by clicking this button.

It has also got a battery saver mode.

When activated it protects the battery and increases the life of it. But the drawback of that is you get less run time. So the backup time drops by half. The LED light on the right indicates that the UPS is charging. When completely charged, the light switches off. And by the way, the UPS charging time is 6 hours.

Before you think of buying the APC 1100 UPS for computer, first calculate your power consumption.

Maybe, you need less power, you could go for the APC 600 and save some money. Do not connect any heaters, vacuum cleaners or printers to it. If it is very important then the inkjet printers or the ink tank printers can be used, that too for a very limited time. But do not even think of connecting the LaserJet printers.

The fan runs for around about 5 minutes after you switch off the UPS.

There is no way to control the fan speed or duration. You will only notice it if you are working in a very silent place. So keep that in mind before getting this UPS. I have not called the customer service for the APC 600 as well as the APC 1100, so don’t know much about that but that tells the quality of these APC products.

For all the technical details, pricing or if you are interested in buying these UPS’s. I would highly recommend it. Click the red texted button below to buy it right now.




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