APC UPS For Computer – 600VA Review | Best Backup Time UPS + Glance Of APC 1100VA


This video article is all about an APC UPS which can run up to 20 to 30 minutes depending on how much power you are using. The core use of this device is to backup and save your important stuff.


Incase there is a power failure in your local place. Don’t use it for extra time just because you can.

Well it can be used but not recommended, for that you have other devices in the market such as the invertors and the generators.

I have to tell you that, APC has done a very good job when it comes to the quality of the product.

Plus the looks and the feel of it also is very professional and not like some cheap gear. As I said before that the run time depends on what you use it for, if it is a heavy running task like video rendering then the machine is going to beep faster and if the task is a light weight running one, like copy pasting files then it will beep slower in speed.

This device is very easy to use.

just plug all your cables like the SMPS power cable, monitor power cable and internet modem adapter at the back of it and connect the main UPC power cable to the source, that’s it. If you wish, you can also connect your speakers to it but that is something which is optional, it’s up to you, the more devices you connect the faster the power drains.

Before buying this APC just make sure that how much power your computer consumes that will save you money if you are a basic user. And by basic user, I mean people that have got basic configuration of their computers. Just built computer for things like browsing, playing low graphical games, streaming full HD video content or movies etc. Can you this UPC. But these were some tasks that I used to explain you in a better way. In this technological world things can change very fast. For most regular computer users this is going to be fine.

But if you are looking for a UPS for gaming computer or for your video editing beast then I have also made a review about it’s elder brother that is the APC UPS 1100. Check it out, if the 600 is insufficient for you.

The computer monitor will consume energy as follows, this can change depending upon what company device you are using,

22-inch monitor: approx. 20 – 40 watts
24-inch monitor: approx. 20 – 55 watts
27-inch monitor: approx. 50 – 90 watts
30-inch monitor: approx. 90 – 140 watts

APC UPS For Computer - 600VA Review | Best Backup Time UPS + Glance Of APC 1100VA

Runtime with Basic configured PC – 20-30 Minutes
Charging Time UPS – 5 Hours, 20 Minutes
Runtime with just Internet Modem – 2 Hours
These stats are without the battery mode activated.

And the average home internet modem use 3 watts to 6 watts, once again it all depends on your device.

600 VA – 360 W
1100 VA – 660 W

600 VA is equal to 360 Watts, So it all depends on the power of your SMPS that is the power supply device in your computer. And you add a little more power for the internet modem and the monitors. Together if the power is below 360 Watts, it will work for you. Otherwise go for the 1100.

As I have upgraded to the APC 1100, I am currently using the APC 600 for my TV and sound system,

which is actually great because now I don’t to miss any last over cricket moments if there’s any power failure. All thanks to APC UPS.

This APC 600 and the APC 1100 both comes with surge protection which makes it more safe for your components. It has a got a battery saver mode which reduces the run time of the UPS but increases the life of your battery.

Before you think of buying the APC 600, first calculate your power consumption.

Maybe, you need more power. Here’s a link to check the power consumption of your computer. And don’t forget to add the monitor, modem or speakers power consumption.

Do not connect any heaters, vacuum cleaners or printers to it.

If it is very important then the inkjet printers or the ink tank printers can be used, that too for a very limited time. But do not even think of connecting the LaserJet printers.

So if you are having a computer with basic configuration then go with the APC 600, to buy it right now, click the red texted button below.



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