Bullet Bike Firing : Musical Song | Royal Enfield Classic 350 Sounds Only

Music : Saneet S More

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 Bullet is a very beautiful bike, but I am a big fan of the Royal Enfield Thunderbird, these bikes are so much muscular and the very thing that makes me want them is that these are made in India.

Anyways, talking about this video, the bike used in this video is owned by Kapil Baviskar, as he is in this video, we friends regularly meet during the evening time, so as we were talking, Kapil asked me that “Can you record the sound of my bike in high quality”, so as I always carry a recorder with me, I said Kapil to start his bike, so I could record it and that’s when I got the idea about making a musical video of the bullet as a lot of people out there love their bikes like their own lovely wife.

Really thanks to my friends Vijesh, Kapil and Nitesh for their contribution in this video, really helped me a lot.

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