Philips Trimmer For Men Review – Philips BT3203/15 Unboxing | Best For Beard Trimming


Philips BT3203/15 is a beard trimmer, it is cordless device. Nothing much complicated, easy to use, just with the help of a single power button, it starts and stops.

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The 10 lock-in length settings and cutting length is 0.5mm – 10mm with 1mm precision. And when the top blue cap removed. You will get a fine cut trimming which is very very close to a clean shave loo. So it can be used for both purposes. But the primary aim of this product is to trim and not shave.

The power of the Philips trimmer is actually lot more.

Then the older Philips trimmers that used to come in past. And I am saying this because I have an old Philips trimmer which is still in working condition. Which I literally used it for around about 7 years. It also comes with 2 plus 1 Year warranty after registration.

Philips Trimmer For Men Review - Philips BT3203/15 Unboxing | Best For Beard Trimming

In spit being an entry level trimmer the power of it is definitely good.

As it is a rechargeable device. One thing I will tell you is that and this is the only downside by Philips. If due to any reason you lost the charger. Then buying the new one is not going to be cheap compared to the price of the trimmer itself. At the time when I lost it, they actually were selling the charger for like ₹800. Which was insane, so my suggestion is, just be careful about it.

Okay now moving onto the product’s physical aspects,

it has got a strong plastic body with a matte finish kind of texture. Of course the top grill is a stainless steel metal. The cap also comes with a plastic material but a good quality one. The middle rotating button and the only power button has a rubber finish feel. So overall the product has a strong built body.

Now about the run time, this one comes with a 45 minute run time,

Overall, I am happy with the Philips trimmer as I only use it for trimming and not shaving. I could have made a demo video filming myself but I am not very comfortable making my trimming video public. So just uploaded the unboxing video only.

So that’s it, if you interested in buying the Philips trimmer, I would highly recommend this one the Philips BT3203/15.


CLICK TO BUY NOW >> Philips Trimmers.

CLICK TO BUY NOW >> Philips Trimmers.


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