Noise Smart Watch Review – Colorfit Pro 3 Smartwatches For Men, Women, Girls


As the title says, this is a Noise Smart Watch Review. What should I begin with, as this watch is jam packed with so many cool features. And the built quality of this product is really good looking at the price point.

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The True view display glass feels very smooth when sliding your fingers over it.

Love that the display is big and bright which makes it more easy to use device. Every smart watch comes with a steps counter but in addition this watch also tells you the number of kilometers and how much calories you burned.

This watch is for women and men both, comes in six different band colors, Jet Black, Jet Blue, Rose Pink, Rose Red, Smoke Green, Smoke Grey. Gets paired with your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection and the very cool thing is that, you can also received your WhatsApp notification on this watch, in fact all your phone notifications once paired with it. This watch comes with different cool watch faces which can be easily changed from one to another.

Noise Smart Watch Review - Colorfit Pro 3 Smartwatches For Men, Women, Girls

For exercise and sports frikes, this watch comes with a outdoor running feature,

which includes outdoor walking, outdoor running, outdoor cycling, indoor walking, indoor running, indoor cycling, elliptical, rower, pool swimming, open water swimming, cricket, hiking, yoga, workout. In this article, I am just going to talk about what I feel and what the key features of the noise watch are and not all the technical details as this post will get very long and unreadable. If you want you can straight in look about the product details by clicking here.

It includes stress monitoring which it calculates sensing your breathing pattern.

This watch can also keep a track of your sleeping habits and comes with a 24 by 7 heart rate monitoring feature. The watch can also tell you the oxygen level in your blood. Detects your breathing pattern too. It also immediately recognizes when you are running or playing and the smart watch customizes itself according to it. The straps also can be changed very easily as it comes off just like that.

The color options that the noise is offering is also very nice. The user interface is very friendly, the menus icons make it a very easy to use device. It also allows you to control the music player of your smart device such as play, pause, volume up, volume down, next track, previous track. It has got other basic features such as music player, stopwatch, alarm, countdown timer, weather, find your phone etc. I just love the way it looks, very smooth finishing and premium feel.

Overall, a very brilliant device to have. Looking at the price point, it is a very nice product. I hope you like this video article ‘Noise Smart Watch Review’. So I would recommend you to get it right now if you like it.

CLICK TO BUY NOW – Noise Colorfit Pro 3 Smart Watch.


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