Logitech Gaming Mouse Review – G604 Wireless Lightspeed Mouse | Best for Gaming & Productivity

In this video article, I reviewed a cool Logitech gaming mouse which I have been using it for a while. And so far, my experience with it is quite positive.

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So, without wasting time let’s get right into the features of this beautiful mouse. Right after unboxing this device the one thing that impressed me a lot is the hyper fast metal scroll wheel. In many other videos also, you will find people talking good things about this scroll wheel. It’s just not for promoting it but genuinely it is so smooth and a very useful thing to have. Without the wheel my productivity will affect seriously.

Talking about the connectivity, this mouse can be connected via Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth. And the mouse also comes with a dedicated button for switching between them.

The other major reason why you should buy this mouse is. The number of buttons that it has got and not just the regular buttons, but they all are programmable buttons. That means you can assign any commands, keys or combinations of shortcuts to it. Extremely useful while gaming and also for productivity purpose like music production or video production.

Now this is AA battery powered device that means even if you use while travel.

You will not have to find any charging points for the mouse. One AA battery will give you 240 hours (30-50 days) of runtime in LIGHTSPEED mode. And up to 5.5 months in Bluetooth mode.

The most important thing is that it comes with Hero 25K sensor which has got 25000 maximum dpi, which is insane.

Who is this mouse for, the people who do some serious pro level competitive gaming

or want to get into it, this mouse is for you guys. Then the people who do music production and want to control your digital audio workstation at an ease. Or you are a video editor, photo editor, this mouse is for you. In short this is for people who use their computers for more than the basic use. Like just watching movies, basic browsing etc.

Logitech Gaming Mouse Review - G604 Wireless Lightspeed Mouse | Best for Gaming & Productivity

Now who should not get this mouse. As I told you before, for the basic user with regular day to day use should not get it.

The people with small hands or kids may feel the size to be a bit big. The people with medium or large hands surely will feel comfort using it. If you have used those light weight mouses in the past. Then the experience of yours right in the beginning is going to be bit heavier. You are going to feel it heavier. But don’t worry after a week or so you will get used to it. And later you won’t even notice it.

If you like those fancy RGB lighting. You are going to be disappointed as this mouse comes with only one led light which indicates the connectivity.

As I told you before this mouse is for serious goal achievers. Anything and everything which is useless is not included in the package. And btw I have also reviewed the number one selling mechanical keyboard series of India. The TVS gold prime keyboard in case you are interested in that.

So, I can go on and on writing about this mouse but let’s keep it short and sweet. For more details, pricing or if you are interested in buying the Logitech gaming mouse now. Just click the clickable red link down below.

CLICK TO BUY NOW – Logitech G604 Wireless Gaming Mouse.

Logitech G604 Wireless Gaming Mouse – Full Unboxing Video.

(No voice over, just simple unboxing only)

CLICK TO BUY NOW – Logitech G604 Wireless Gaming Mouse.


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