LG 7KG Washing Machine Review | 5 Star Inverter Front Load Fully Automatic Direct Drive [FHV1207ZWP]

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This is a washing machine from a well known brand named LG. As you see that this is a front loading washing machine with a 7 kg capacity which is suitable for large families also. Comes with a 2 years of warranty and a separate 10 years of warranty for the motor. The spin speed is so good that cloths dry up very fast.

The advantage of having a fully automatic washing machine is that, you don’t have to do anything just put in your dirty cloths and just go watch your favorite TV shows and this smart machine will do all the rest. The color of this machine gives it a very premium feel. The best part about this LG washing machine is that, the sound of the machine is so smooth and silent that you are going to fall in love with it.

It is an inverter plus rated to be 5 stars which is more bonus that means it’s also going to be a super power saver machine.

And for all those tech savvy modern people out there, it also comes with a WIFI connection, which will also allow you to control your washing machine via your smartphone or tablet. Looking at the features of this washing machine the pricing is actually very nice. The buttons are very smooth and sexy, plus the display lights make it look more classy.

It comes with a lot of modes like cotton, mixed fabric, easy care, turbo wash 59, delicates, sportswear, speed 14 etc. All these loaded features makes it a very excellent choice, all and all a must have product if you don’t own one, so I would highly recommend it, in fact you can order it now, if you like it, don’t think too much, click the red text below to buy it right now.

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Philips Trimmer For Men Unboxing – Philips BT3203/15 Is Best For Beard Trimming

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Philips BT3203/15 is a beard trimmer, it is cordless device, nothing much complicated, easy to use, just with the help of a single power button, it starts and stops. The 10 lock-in length settings and cutting length is 0.5mm – 10mm with 1mm precision and when the top blue cap removed you will get a fine cut trimming which is very very close to a clean shave look, so it can be used for both purposes but the primary aim of this product is to trim and not shave.

The power of the Philips trimmer is actually lot more then the older Philips trimmers that used to come in past and I am saying this because I have an old Philips trimmer which is still in working condition which I literally used it for around about 7 years. It also comes with 2 plus 1 Year warranty after registration.

In spit being an entry level trimmer the power of it is definitely good as it is a rechargeable device. One thing I will tell you is that and this is the only downside by Philips, if due to any reason you lost the charger then buying the new one is not going to be cheap compared to the price of the trimmer itself, at the time when I lost it, they actually were selling the charger for like ₹800, which was insane, so my suggestion is, just be careful about it.

Okay now moving onto the product’s physical aspects, it has got a strong plastic body with a matte finish kind of texture. Of course the top grill is a stainless steel metal, the cap also comes with a plastic material but a good quality one. The middle rotating button and the only power button has a rubber finish feel. So overall the product has a strong built body.

Now about the run time, this one comes with a 45 minute run time, Overall I am happy with the Philips trimmer as I only use it for trimming and not shaving, I could have made a demo video filming myself but I am not very comfortable making my trimming video public so just uploaded the unboxing video only.

So that’s it, if you interested in buying the Philips trimmer, I would highly recommend this one the Philips BT3203/15.

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TVS Mechanical Keyboards Review – TVS Gold Prime Bharat Unboxing | Best For Gaming, Typing, PC, Mac

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If you are thinking about buying a keyboard for your computer or may be your laptop, even before you look for the rgb lighting or any fancy colors, you should definitely consider a mechanical keyboard, not a lot of people may ignore the difference between a membrane keyboard and a mechanical keyboard, but let me tell you something, whether you are a typer, gamer or streamer the feedback that a mechanical keyboard generals is very comforting when you work or game for long sessions.

When it comes to mechanical keyboard, most of the folks just think about the clicky sound but to be very honest, it’s just not about the sound, it’s way more then that,

first off the mechanical keyboards are long lasting when compared to the membrane keyboards, I have used multiple membrane keyboards and one thing that I noticed is the keys stop responding after a year or more and by the way, I am a not a very rough user.

so lets talk about what kind of a mechanical keyboard to buy, they come with multiple different switches with different colors, each color indicates the character of the switches.

I am just going to fast summarize things about the switches for you because it’s so lengthy topic that just one article would be inadequate for that, so the keyboard that is famous and ranked the number keyboard in India is the TVS lineup mechanical keyboards,

TVS Gold – Blue Switches
TVS Gold Bharat – Blue Switches
TVS Gold Prime – Red Switches
TVS Gold BIO – Blue Switches
TVS Gold Pro – White Switches

Now many of you guys will ask the same dam question that, “Do these mechanical keyboards come with Cherry MX switches?”, then the answer to that is, before it use to come with it but not anymore. It comes with the Long Hua switches which in my opinion are better, Cherry MX are overrated and back in those days there was near to no competition to them so people went with them and it came with a decent quality so it became the industry standard like what the Coalgate is in India but now there are many better alternatives to the cherry mx and Long Hua is one of them.

One more special feature about it is, it also comes with a ‘₹’ symbol, to use it just type [Ctrl + Shift + ₹]
So all the keyboards may look similar but all of them serve very differently, so as I said the different color of the switches indicate different features and feel of the keys, the blue switches are a bit hard, the clicky sound is the loudest of the lot and have to apply more pressure then the reds, but you are looking a mechanical keyboard for typing purpose then you should go for the TVS Gold, TVS Gold Bharat or TVS Gold BIO as many professional typist suggest them.

The reds would be great for the gamers or for the people who would want to have a low sounding keyword as the switches require less pressure to get activated and also generate less clicky sound,
talking about my personal choice I went with red switches that is the tvs gold prime which perfectly fitted my requirements as i wanted it for editing my music, video editing and also for some weekend gaming and i am very happy with the product.

The following chart with give an idea of what keyboard you should buy
TVS Gold – Blue Long Hua Switches – Strong Built
TVS Gold Bharat – Blue Long Hua Switches – Strong Built, Multi Lingwy, Dust resistant
TVS Gold Prime – Red Long Hua Switches – Strong Built, Dust resistant
TVS Gold BIO – Blue Long Hua Switches – Strong Built, Dust resistant, Anti bacteria
TVS Gold Pro – White Kalih Box Switches – Strong Built, Dust resistant, Water Resistant

Now in all of the these beautiful features, you may definitely be thinking about the rgb lights or colors, it has only got three lights that is the num lock led, caps lock led and the scroll lock led.

when considering the TVS lineup mechanical keyboards you need to consider a very important factor and that is, are you looking to up your game, these keyboards are ranked number one in the country for a reason, in most of the government offices or the cooperate offices you will find these keyboards, so these tough tanks are made for the real life pros so if you not one then you are free to go for the fansy cheap lighting ones.

Now lets talk about the TVS Gold Pro, as the name suggests, this one actually comes with some cool extra pro features that the others in lot don’t offer, like they come with white box switches which makes this a water resistant keyboard and about the feel that this generates while using is different from the above keyboards, as the click sound is very short high pitched and the click gives you a metallic feel.

You may think that these keyboards are pricy but trust me there are people who have used these keyboards for around about 10 years and still the keyboard is working, so every rupee you spend is going to be worth it.
Now which one to buy, go for the one that fits your needs, even if you end up buying the wrong one, I am sure, you are not going to regret because every keyboard in the TVS lineup is a beast.

This is an honest review as I am actually using this product and purchased it, So, I would highly recommend you to buy it right now, don’t think too much just get it now.

Click Here to Buy Right Now >> TVS Gold Prime, TVS Gold, TVS-e Gold Bharat [PS2 Cable], TVS Gold BIO.

Click Here to Buy Right Now >> TVS Gold Prime, TVS Gold, TVS-e Gold Bharat [PS2 Cable], TVS Gold BIO.

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Laptop Cover Review – Unboxing Dynotrek Laptop Sleeve For MacBook, HP, Lenovo, Asus, Dell, Apple, Acer In All The Sizes

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This a review of a laptop cover that I recently bought for my Dell laptop from Amazon. Recently my sister bought a laptop cover for her HP laptop which is 14 inch, I was really impressed by the quality of the sleeve so decided to purchase one for me as well, I got it for my Dell laptop which is 15.6 Inch. This product is not a very technically funky product so the nothing much to talking about but really the cloth used for the external coating looks and feels quite sturdy, I have not water tested it but the company claims it to be a water resistant item.

One thing that I noticed is that if your laptop is a fatter as mine is a bit old, chances are it will fit in but very tightly, so make sure you measure your laptop and see the technical details below here before buying it.

15.6 Inch Cover Size :
Internal Dimensions : 15.94 x 11.4 x 1 inch (40.5 x 28.3 x2.5cm)
External Dimensions : 16.5 x 11.5 x 1.2 inch (42 x29.2 x3cm)

14 Inch Cover Size :
External Dimensions : 14.96 x 11.02 x 1.18 inch (36.07 x 2.29 x 26.04 cm)

The zip also comes with a decent quality especially looking at the price point. The cool thing is, it also comes with a small pouch which very similar to cover quality but smaller in height and weight but fatter. You can keep your accessories like the SSDs, mouse and flash drives etc.

Different colors and different sizes available and it also comes with a 30 days return policy on amazon, also people have rated this laptop cover quite high.

I would highly recommend it, So if you are looking to buying one, don’t think too much just get it right now by clicking the red buttons attached below.

Click the size which you are looking to buy – 15.6, 14, 11, 12, 13, 16.6, 17.6 Inches.

Click the size which you are looking to buy – 15.6, 14, 11, 12, 13, 16.6, 17.6 Inches.

Note : The product is affiliated with this website.