‘India on the Moon’ Song on ISRO Chandrayaan 3 by SANEETS | S Somanath, Narendra Modi, Palki Sharma

India on the Moon Song on ISRO Chandrayaan 3 by SANEETS | S Somanath, Narendra Modi, Palki Sharma

Song – India on the Moon
(ISRO Chandrayaan 3)

Words & Music – SANEET S MORE

India on the moon

(Indian Space Research Organization)

Humare vaigyanik saari duniya se pare
(We have the best scientists in the world)

Chandrayaan utara hai Shiv Shakti pe
(Chandrayaan 3 has landed on the Shiv Shakti point)

Jeeti hai humari Bharat maa…
(Victory to our motherland India)
Chandrayaan 3

Ab na rukna hai, aage badhte hi rahe
(No more stopping now, keep moving ahead)

Before writing anything about IRSO, let me clarify one thing that I am completely unaware of the technical and the intellectual side of IRSO or any of their missions. But a big fan of IRSO, especially after the successful first attempt launches of the Mangalyaan mission. Also followed the Chandrayaan 2 very closely and it was very emotional when the lander crashed at the very last stage but this time with Chandrayaan 3, ISRO made the whole country proud.

That moment when the ISRO scientists started cheering and clapping, I was literally speechless at that exact moment, it took a while for me to digest it. It was the best moment of my life that I experienced live. Thank you to all the IRSO people for this amazing experience. All the best to you people for your future missions.

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