Salman Khan – Bhai Ki Cream Song | SANEETS Music

Not sponsored by Emami, saw this advertisement on TV and it immediately clicked in my mind of creating something like this, Hope you guys like the sound, Have a great day…! 😀

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All the footage used belongs to Emami India.
Original Ad Video :
It’s time for Handsomegiri​ with Bhai Ki Cream | Fair And Handsome Radiance Cream for Men

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Ishq Movie – Scene Mix Song [Heavy Bass]

This is one of my favorite movie scenes, so thought of making a soundtrack for it, I hope you guys like it 🙂

Credit : The movie media used in this video belongs to the YouTube Channel : Venus Movies

Ishq | Full Hindi Movie | Hindi Comedy Movies | Ajay Devgan | Aamir Khan | Kajol | Juhi Chawla []

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Corona Virus | कोरोना वायरस

I made this video for awareness purpose only, not intended to hurt anybody’s feelings. The dance footage in this video is old and only used for entertainment purpose, This video doesn’t promote crowding together. Please stay at home…!

All media used in this video are licensed under creative common attribution license. Credits to YouTube Channels : MKN MARATHI, News Tak, Narendra Modi, The Times of India, Wode Maya, MagiC StuDiO ALL AADIVASI ViJaY RaVatE, GOOGLE BABA, MP11-MUSIC.

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