Blood Pressure Machine Review – Omron BP Check Machine Unboxing | HEM 7120 Best BP Apparatus


In this article, I am going to review a blood pressure measuring machine also called as BP machine. This is made by the brand named Omron which is a very well known brand in the health & fitness category.

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The packaging is also done very nicely. In the box, we get a manual, warranty card, 4AA batteries, some promotional pamphlet, a belt and the machine itself.

The machine is powered by 4AA batteries which they include in the box.

And the machine also has a DC6V slot. Incase you want to use it via an adapter directly from the power source. Adapter not provide in the box, you will have to buy that separately.

In spite, being plastic. The machine is really built well with a glossy finish on the whole body. Except some matte texture near the start stop button. Compared to the older Omron machine that we had. The belt quality is really very good. overall the machine looks premium.

Blood Pressure Machine Review - Omron BP Check Machine Unboxing | HEM 7120 Best BP Apparatus

So, as you can see in the video, the machine is extremely easy to use.

It just comes with a single button which starts and stops the measuring process. Plus the reading also is not that complicated of a thing. On the top is your high blood pressure level. In the middle is your low blood pressure level and at the bottom is your pulse rate, that’s it.

Just connect the wire like this, rap the belt around your arm and press the button and let the machine do it’s job. And in few seconds, the measure readings will be displayed on the screen.

One important tip while using this blood machine or any BP machine for that matter.

Stay in a relaxed sleeping posture with your head facing upwards. Breathe normally and don’t talk while the machine is measuring. This will surely help you get measure readings more towards accuracy.

Now many of you guys may have a question about how accurate are these BP machines if compared with the machines in the hospitals. So for that, I talked with my local doctor and he said that, these machines are not fully accurate. The reading can be up or down by 5%-10%.

Talking about my opinion, everyone should get a machine like this in your home.

If you got any elderly people staying with. I myself am staying with 4 elderly people and this is our second Omron machine. As you know how the world is struggling today. In critical situations, every second matters. And if you got the technology in an affordable price then why not making use of it.

So that is it for this video article, if you are interested in buying this Omron machine. Down below I have a provided the link button to that, you can buy it right now. See you in my next video article, till then stay connected and Dhanyawad.

CLICK TO BUY NOW – Omron HEM 7120 BP Machine.


Omron HEM 7120 BP Machine – Full Unboxing Video

CLICK TO BUY NOW – Omron HEM 7120 BP Machine.

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