MI Bluetooth Earphones Review – True Wireless Earbuds Unboxing | Original 2C Earpods


The MI Bluetooth Earphones are really awesome when it comes to the sound quality that it offers.

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MI Bluetooth Earphones Review - True Wireless Earbuds Unboxing | Original 2C Earpods

I am not saying it’s the world’s best experience but definitely better than it’s competition in the same price range. The white look of the MI Bluetooth Earphones really looks very cool. At the same time will make you look professional. The earbud tip that you insert in your ears. It has got smooth finish whereas the stick has a matte finish feel, overall the built quality is really good.

Plus the case of it also looks very premium, kind a like the higher priced earbuds.

The surprising thing is, it comes with a 14.2 dynamic drivers while the competition is still offering drivers around 6. So that is definitely a big thing to consider. With the help of advanced audio coding codec, the audio experience is going to be really high definition.

The pairing process is fairly very simple,

but once paired with your device that connection time is faster then you blink your eye lids.

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Many in the past use to always complaint about the delay that the Bluetooth earphones use to come with. But no such non sense you will notice with this MI Bluetooth Earphones. The battery of this pair is also very good, company claims it to be 20 hours.

The low end bass sound is slightly boosted which you will notice it when you use it.

But talking about the bass, it’s the best in this range. It has got two microphones which makes it very nice earbuds for voice calling or video calling. All thank to the dual mic environmental noise cancellation feature. And let me tell you one good thing that the range of the Bluetooth is also very good.

The MI Bluetooth Earphones are compatible with all the present day devices available there out.

Although it lacks a lot of gestures. The one touch access to the voice assistant makes it easy to communicate with connected device. Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant are compatible with the Mi True Wireless Earphones 2C.

Now about the gestures. When double tapping the left earbud it allows you to access the voice assistant. And when double tapped the right one, it plays/pauses your music, receives calls and rejects. One more interesting feature which is really smart is that. It automatically pauses the music when you pull out the earbuds from your ears. And starts playing back when put back on.

No technology out there is perfect, so this also comes with some cons.

First, the gestures are limited and second. Some people may feel the size is slightly on a bigger side. As none of these things mattered my choice because they really fit very comfortable in my ears. The primary reason for buying these earbuds was the superb sound quality. And I wanted the earphones to be decent for calling, so these MI Bluetooth Earphones really serve my needs beautifully.

So there you go, I would highly recommend these earbuds.

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