Wooden Chess Board Review – Playing Real Game | 16 Inches Chess Box Set Up Original Pieces


This is a review about a wooden chess board that I recently bought. The intension behind buying this chess game was just wanted something to have fun with.

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This is a chessboard which is completely made of sheesham wood.

The chess pieces are also made up of sheesham high quality wood. In a fully open condition, the size of it is 16 X 16 inches and when folded it becomes 16 X 8 Inches.

If you prefer playing it outside, don’t worry the winds won’t be able to tip the pieces over. All thanks to the weighted chess coin which makes the playing pretty stable.

Wooden Chess Board

The very impressive thing about this wooden chess board is the the size of it.

The 16 inches just makes it look so professional and a game made for all aged people. Not like those small chess boards.

But as all the products have good things to share, they also come with some bad things. This product is no different. Some may think, this are major defects and some may think it to be minor. The finishing of it is not done well and that is the first defect or con of this chess board. The company could have possibly done a better job. So for the people who like accurate detailing would have to spend in more money and get something else. But I think, the inaccuracies in the finish and look, makes it more classic and gives it a vintage look.

The other con, I won’t call it a defect, that it doesn’t come with any protection or any cover.

The company should have at least provided a low quality cover. It is not a magnetic board. So keep that in your mind before buying it.

If you ask me, to be very honest, getting a wooden chess board of that size at such a low price is amazing.

The reason, I am happy with this product is that.

I wanted to have chess board all made up of wood and I wanted it to be bigger in size. So it ticks all the boxes for me. If you are interested in buying this wooden chess board and you don’t care about the detailing then I would recommend you to get it right away. Click the red texted button below to buy it right now.

Click to Buy Now >> VA Antiques Sheesham Wood Folding Chess Board 16 Inches.


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