Shure SM48 Mic Review – Unboxing Microphone For Singing, Podcasting, Gaming, Streaming, Setup, Specs

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Shure SM48-LC is a vocal dynamic microphone with cardioid polar pattern,

as it is very similar to it’s legendary brother the Shure SM58, which means it is very suitable for singing, voice over projects, podcasting, gaming or streaming etc. Looking at the price of this microphone, the accessories that you get are of really very good quality.

Polar Pattern (Low Frequency)
Polar Pattern (High Frequency)

The things that you will get inside the box are as follows :

zipper storage bag, microphone, mic clip, Velcro cable tie, sticker and few manual guides and documentations.
The metallic body of the Shure SM48 is quit strong and rugged with a metal mash grill on top, so strong that even if you make a truck stand on it, nothing will happen to the SM48.

55 – 14Khz

The technical specifications of the microphone are as follows :

Weight : 370 gm
Frequency Response : 55 – 14Khz
Sensitivity : -57.5 db
Impedance : 150 Ohms
Color : Black

The SM48 needs an audio interface or a mixer

in order to recording inside a computer,

It is not a recommended method, also I have not tested it personally but it can be connected directly via an XLR to USB converter cable, as it is a dynamic microphone, it doesn’t require a lot of power. Plus, No phantom power needed.

XLR to Converter USB Cable

Talking about the connections, you will need to buy an XLR cable separately, as the name suggests SM48-LC, the LC stands for ‘less cable’. The XLR cable is not included in the box.
Connect the microphone with the XLR cable straight into the input of your audio interface, and then the audio interface is connected to your computer via USB.

Shure SM48 > Audio Interface > Computer

The off axis rejection and coloration test, the hand held test, the computer keyboard sound test for streamers, sound change on different distance test and vocal demo for the singers, every test is covered and included in the video, watch it till the very end before the vocal demo is at the end of it.
Also the sound of how it sounds with the pop filter and without it, also in the video, and by the way the pop filter / microphone foam is also made by Shure. (Not include in the box)

It’s a microphone which sounds just awesome without any EQ or compression,

sounds beautiful just out of the box, specially if you are going to use it on live stage purpose or for any vocal usage.
The microphone is so good that, I would even recommend it over Shure SM58, sounds exactly same, comes at a 75% less money then it, and if you are planning of a stereo setup, you can get two and still save some money on top of that, so how good of a deal is this…!
So, go head and buy it right now.

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